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Green Filter Cleaning Instructions

We recommend that you visually inspect your Green High Performance Air Filter at every oil change. As a general rule, a Green High Performance Air Filter should be cleaned at every 30,000 miles; however, this interval can be greatly influenced by your environment and driving conditions. In dusty areas, you may need to clean the filter more often.

Filter Cleaning Demo

To clean your Green High Performance Air Filter, follow the steps below:

  Tap the filter or blow with air to remove excess dirt.
  Spray the filter with Green Filter Cleaner and allow the solution to soak in for about 15 minutes.
* Never use strong detergents, high pressure water, or gasoline.
  Rinse the filter with warm water, clean side to dirty side to flush out the dirt.
  Allow the filter to dry naturally. Try to avoid heat because it might shrink the cotton.
  Re-oil the filter using Green Filter Oil by using 1 spray per 2 square inches of filter. Take care to not over-oil your filter.
* Never use motor oil, transmission fluid, WD-40®, or any other brand of filter oil as these may damage your Green Filter. Use only genuine Green Filter Oil.

Click here to download a printable version of our cleaning instructions!

About Green Filter Oil

Green High Performance Air Filters come pretreated with a specially formulated dirt-trapping oil. Our proprietary lightweight, synthetic Green Filter oil is designed to not damage any vehicle sensors.

This oil creates a positive (+) magnetic charge, or ionic bond, with the filter's stainless steel mesh. The positive charge attracts the negatively (-) charged dust particles entering the filter, causing them to cling to the steel mesh and allowing the cotton to remain clear for maximum air flow.

Green Filter oil also contains a swelling additive for the cotton filtration media. This causes the cotton fibers to swell, which allows the filtration media to collect the very small dirt particles (down to 5 microns) that could otherwise harm your engine.

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